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BACKGROUND Disruptive behaviour disorders, including conduct disorder, affect at least 10% of children and are the most common reasons for referral to children's mental health services. The long-term economic impact on society of unresolved conduct disorder can exceed pound sterling 1 million for one individual over their lifetime. AIMS OF THE STUDY The(More)
BACKGROUND Spinal pain is common and frequently disabling. Management guidelines have encouraged referral from primary care for spinal manipulation. However, the evidence base for these recommendations is weak. More pragmatic trials and economic evaluations have been recommended. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to assess the effectiveness and health care costs of(More)
BACKGROUND Spinal pain is common and costly to health services and society. Management guidelines have encouraged primary care referral for spinal manipulation, but the evidence base is weak. More economic evaluations alongside pragmatic trials have been recommended. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to assess the cost-utility of a practice-based osteopathy clinic(More)
Disturbance is a key ecological process influencing the distribution and abundance of many elements of the earth's biota. Predicting the response of biota to disturbance is therefore important, but it nevertheless remains difficult to make accurate forecasts of response. We tested predictions from disturbance-related theories and concepts in 10 vegetation(More)
Percent aggregation and the aggregation rate of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in response to ristocetin (1.75 mg/ml) were measured in 20 normals and 16 patients with von Willebrand's disease (v Wd), with and without the addition of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Percent aggregation did not clearly distinguish between normals and patients with vWd. Aggregation(More)
Washed platelets were ruptured by freezing and thawing; a coagulant activity was released which would correct the clotting time of factor XI (FXI)-deficient plasma only in the presence of kaolin. Platelets from a FXI-deficient patient treated in a similar fashion also released a coagulant activity which could be absorbed onto Sepharose-heparin and eluted(More)