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Keeping God's Silence
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Living for the Future: Theological Ethics for Coming Generations
Introduction: The question of future generations Chapter 1: Absent generations and the presence of God Chapter 2: Intergenerational covenants Chapter 3: Being called into communities Chapter 4:Expand
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Faithful Untidiness: Christian Social Action in a British City
AbstractContemporary debates about faith and volunteering raise questions about the relationship between, on the one hand, claims from theological ethics about the sources and forms of ChristianExpand
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Theology on the Menu: Asceticism, Meat and Christian Diet
Acknowledgments Preface 1. Eating in the Wilderness 2. Food in the Ordered City 3. Secularizing Diet 4. Fasting by Choice 5. Clean and Unclean Animals 6. Community, Heresy and Orthodoxy 7. SacrificeExpand
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Keeping God's Silence: Towards a Theological Ethics of Communication
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The Ethics of Breast-Feeding: A Feminist Theological Exploration
Recent years have seen increased feminist scholarship on breastfeeding and infant feeding, which has sometimes acknowledged the importance of religious discourse and symbolism in shaping attitudes toExpand
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Can We Take the Religion out of Religious Decision-Making? The Case of Quaker Business Method
In this paper, we explore the philosophical and theological issues that arise when a ‘religious’ process of decision-making, which is normally taken to require specific theological commitments bothExpand
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Silence and the Patience of God
This article considers some of the implications of the assertion that God is patient, and in particular the appeal to God's patience as the ground of the possibility of human patience. Reflection ofExpand
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