Rachel Miloslavski

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mRNA trafficking, which enables the localization of mRNAs to particular intracellular targets, occurs in a wide variety of cells. The importance of the resulting RNA distribution for cellular functions, however, has been difficult to assess. We have found that cofilin-1 mRNA is rapidly localized to the leading edge of human lung carcinoma cells and that(More)
Cells encountering hypoxic stress conserve resources and energy by downregulating the protein synthesis. Here we demonstrate that one mechanism in this response is the translational repression of TOP mRNAs that encode components of the translational apparatus. This mode of regulation involves TSC and Rheb, as knockout of TSC1 or TSC2 or overexpression of(More)
BACKGROUND VICKZ (IGF2BP1,2,3/ZBP1/Vg1RBP/IMP1,2,3) proteins bind RNA and help regulate many RNA-mediated processes. In the midbrain region of early chick embryos, VICKZ is expressed in the neural folds and along the basal surface of the neural epithelium, but, upon neural tube closure, is down-regulated in prospective cranial neural crest (CNC) cells,(More)
TOP mRNAs encode components of the translational apparatus, and repression of their translation comprises one mechanism, by which cells encountering amino acid deprivation downregulate the biosynthesis of the protein synthesis machinery. This mode of regulation involves TSC as knockout of TSC1 or TSC2 rescued TOP mRNAs translation in amino acid-starved(More)
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