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The effectiveness of fission neutrons is compared to that of gamma rays and X rays with regard to the induction of malignancies in male Sprague-Dawley rats. The analysis is based on autopsy results. It is focused on tumors that tend to be present in animals dying early, which is indicative of a high degree of lethality. The relative biological effectiveness(More)
We report experimental results on pulmonary alveolar macrophage (PAM) renewal in healthy rats and in rats treated with particles introduced in the lungs. Morphometric studies showed that the lungs of normal rats of the strain used in our study contain 20 x 10(6) PAM, 50 x 10(6) monocytes in alveolar capillaries, and about 3 x 10(5) interstitial macrophages.(More)
From December 2004 to July 2005, three reports on the effects of low doses of ionising radiation were released: ICRP (2004), the joint report of the French Academies of Science and Medicine (Tubiana et al 2005), and a report from the American Academy of Sciences (BEIR VII 2005). These reports quote the same recent articles on the biological effects of low(More)
Recently, the risk associated with low doses of ionizing radiation has gained new interest. Here, we analyze and discuss the major differences between two reports recently published on this issue; the report of the French Academy of Sciences and of the French Academy of Medicine published in March 2005, and the BEIR VII-Phase 2 Report of the American(More)
BACKGROUND While external factors are responsible for many human cancers, precise estimates of the contribution of known carcinogens to the cancer burden in a given population have been scarce. METHODS We estimated the proportion of cancer deaths which occurred in France in 2000 attributable to known risk factors, based on data on frequency of exposure(More)
The carcinogenicity of untreated UICC chrysotile A, of acid (oxalic and hydrochloric)-leached UICC chrysotile A, of crocidolite and of JM 104 glass fibres has been studied by intrapleural injection into rats. This experiment, carried out on 304 animals, demonstrated that when more than 80% of the Mg had been leached from chrysotile fibres by either(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of and risk indicators for Chlamydia trachomatis cervical infection among women presenting for a periodic medical examination. DESIGN Prevalence study. SETTING Centre local de services communautaires (CLSC) Saint-Louis du Parc, Montreal. PATIENTS All women presenting for a routine gynecologic examination from May(More)
Pulmonary carcinomas were recorded in a life-span experiment of male Sprague-Dawley rats exposed to fission neutrons. Mortality-corrected prevalences are obtained by the method of isotonic regression. In a second part of the paper a comparison is made with data obtained earlier for radon-daughter inhalations in the same strain of rats. A simultaneous(More)
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Everyone is exposed to radiation from natural, man-made and medical sources, and world-wide average annual exposure can be set at about 3.5 mSv. Exposure to natural sources is characterised by very large fluctuations, not excluding a range covering two orders of magnitude. Millions of inhabitants are continuously exposed to external doses as high as 10 mSv(More)
The reproductive toxicity of lead was investigated in NMRI mice exposed to 0.5% lead acetate in drinking water from day 1 of intra-uterine life until 60 days after birth. Compared with control mice, the weights of lead-exposed fetuses and subsequently of the lead-exposed weaned pups, male and female, diminished by 11 and 13% respectively. The lead-exposed(More)