Rachel Mary Milne

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The use of annually sown pastures to provide winter forage is common in dairy farming in many regions of the world. Loss of organic matter and soil structural stability due to annual tillage under this management may be contributing to soil degradation. The comparative effects of annual ryegrass pastures (conventionally tilled and resown each year),(More)
BACKGROUND A high proportion of Scottish general practices use a standard computer software package (GPASS, general practice administration system for Scotland), and thus, Scotland is uniquely placed to amalgamate primary care data on a national scale. Practices, however, vary widely in the nature and extent of data entered on computer and a major(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To create a national data resource for studying morbidity in Scottish general practice, complementary to existing information systems and available for management and research purposes at national and local levels. DESIGN The Department of General Practice, University of Aberdeen has worked since 1988 to collect and analyse computerised(More)
A survey of 1,179 Scottish practices produced an 81% response rate and gathered data about practice size, environment, state of computerisation as well as future plans for the use of computers in the practice. Results show that the majority of practices are already computerised and that over 90% will be computerised soon. A computer in the practice(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify how computerised practices using Gpass software (General Practice Administration System for Scotland), currently implement the new health promotion regulations. DESIGN Postal questionnaire to all Gpass practices in Scotland. Data were gathered on types and methods of recording health promotion data, Read code selection, health(More)