Rachel Mahoney

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OBJECTIVE There are high rates of stress, distress, and psychological illness in family caregivers of people with dementia. Female caregivers and those caring for people with neuropsychiatric symptoms are particularly at risk. The authors report on the prevalence of anxiety and depression in a sample of family caregivers of people with Alzheimer disease(More)
AIM To examine the cognitive functioning of young people with pantothenate-kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN) after pallidal deep brain stimulation (DBS). PKAN is characterized by progressive generalized dystonia and has historically been associated with cognitive decline. With growing evidence that DBS can improve motor function in adults and(More)
BACKGROUND The screening test usually used to detect dementia (Mini Mental State Examination, MMSE) is limited by a ceiling effect and high false positive rates, as are other similar instruments. There is therefore a need for a more sensitive and specific screening tool to aid early detection and diagnosis of dementia. OBJECTIVE The hypothesis of the(More)
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