Rachel Magid

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BACKGROUND Accurate prediction of intra-protein residue contacts from sequence information will allow the prediction of protein structures. Basic predictions of such specific contacts can be further refined by jointly analyzing predicted contacts, and by adding information on the relative positions of contacts in the protein primary sequence. RESULTS We(More)
Even infants expect agents to act rationally in pursuit of their goals. However, little research has looked at whether young children expect other agents to learn rationally. In the current study, we investigated 4.5-to 6-year-olds' reasoning about another agent's beliefs after the agent observed a sample drawn randomly or selectively from a population. We(More)
Many beliefs about oneself are constructed through experiences, but the kinds of evidence that inform these beliefs in early childhood are not well understood. One critical source of information that affects adults and older children's appraisals of their abilities and traits is social comparison. We found that even four-and five-year-olds (mean=56 months)(More)
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