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You Can't Take It with You? Immigrant Assimilation and the Portability of Human Capital
The national origin of an individual's human capital is a crucial determinant of its value. Education and labor market experience acquired abroad are significantly less valued than human capitalExpand
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The Impact of Mass Migration on the Israeli Labor Market
Immigration increased Israel's population by 12 percent between 1990 and 1994, after emigration restrictions were lifted in an unstable Soviet Union. Following the influx, occupations that employedExpand
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The Impact of Immigrants on Host Country Wages, Employment and Growth
The popular belief that immigrants have a large adverse impact on the wages and employment opportunities of the native-born population of the receiving country is not supported by the empiricalExpand
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Recent Trends in the Earnings of New Immigrants to the United States
This paper studies long-term trends in the labor market performance of immigrants in the United States, using the 1960-2000 PUMS and 1994-2009 CPS. While there was a continuous decline in theExpand
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Public Health Insurance?
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The Economic Diversity of Immigration Across the United States
While it is well known that some areas of the United States receive more immigrants than others, less is understood about the extent to which the character of immigration varies as well. There isExpand
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Immigration and the labor market
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Immigration and the receiving economy.
This paper reviews theories about the impact of immigration on the receiving economy. It presents a critical overview of empirical evidence of immigrations impact on wages employment ratesExpand
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18 Immigration and the Receiving Econoll 1 Y
THE PUBLIC DEBATE OVER immigration policy in the United States has become quite heated in re­ cent years. The passage of Proposition 187 in Cal­ ifornia in 1994, making illegal aliens ineligible forExpand