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MedleyDB: A Multitrack Dataset for Annotation-Intensive MIR Research
The dataset MedleyDB, a dataset of annotated, royaltyfree multitrack recordings, is shown to be considerably more challenging than the current test sets used in the MIREX evaluation campaign, thus opening new research avenues in melody extraction research. Expand
Singing Voice Separation with Deep U-Net Convolutional Networks
This work proposes a novel application of the U-Net architecture — initially developed for medical imaging — for the task of source separation, given its proven capacity for recreating the fine, low-level detail required for high-quality audio reproduction. Expand
MUSDB18 - a corpus for music separation
The sigsep musdb18 data set consists of a total of 150 full-track songs of different styles and includes both the stereo mixtures and the original sources, divided between a training subset and aExpand
Deep Salience Representations for F0 Estimation in Polyphonic Music
A fully convolutional neural network for learning salience representations for estimating fundamental frequencies, trained using a large, semi-automatically generated f0 dataset is described and shown to achieve state-of-the-art performance on several multi-f0 and melody datasets. Expand
Computer-aided Melody Note Transcription Using the Tony Software: Accuracy and Efficiency
Tony, a software tool for the interactive annotation of melodies from monophonic audio recordings, is presented, and it is shown that Tony’s built in automatic note transcription method compares favourably with existing tools. Expand
GuitarSet: A Dataset for Guitar Transcription
GuitarSet is presented, a dataset that provides high quality guitar recordings alongside rich annotations and metadata that is interesting for a wide variety of tasks in addition to guitar transcription, including performance analysis, beat/downbeat tracking, and chord estimation. Expand
MUSDB18-HQ - an uncompressed version of MUSDB18
MUSDB18-HQ is the uncompressed version of the MUSDB18 dataset. It consists of a total of 150 full-track songs of different styles and includes both the stereo mixtures and the original sources,Expand
JAMS: A JSON Annotated Music Specification for Reproducible MIR Research
JAMS, a JSON-based music annotation format capable of addressing the evolving research requirements of the community, is proposed, designed to support existing data while encouraging the transition to more consistent, comprehensive, well-documented annotations. Expand
Melody Extraction by Contour Classification
It is shown that the discriminative model outperforms the generative model in terms of contour classification accuracy, and the melody output from the proposed system performs comparatively to Melodia. Expand
A Comparison of Melody Extraction Methods Based on Source-Filter Modelling
This work is partially supported by the European Union/nunder the PHENICX project (FP7-ICT-601166) and the/nSpanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under/nCASAS project (TIN2015-70816-R) andExpand