Rachel M. Scharer

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Mycteronastes Kearn and Beverley-Burton, 1990 (Monogenoidea: Monocotylidae: Merizocotylinae) was resurrected from subjective synonymy with Merizocotyle Cerfontaine, 1894, and its diagnosis emended to include monocotylids with a haptor lacking a central loculus and having 5 peripheral (2 bilateral pairs and an unpaired anteromedial loculus), 1 interhamular,(More)
Endangered smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata) were opportunistically sampled in south Florida and aged by counting opaque bands in sectioned vertebrae (n=15). Small sample size precluded traditional age verification, but fish collected in spring and summer had translucent vertebrae margins, while fish collected in winter had opaque margins. Trends in(More)
The total and active immobilized enzyme (IME) distributions in porous supports are studied both theoretically and experimentally. In order to determine experimentally the enzyme distribution profiles within a single particle, we construct a diffusion cell containing controlled-pore glass particles such that the cell would mimic a large pellet support. Our(More)
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