Rachel M. Fewster

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Accurate estimates of development effort play an important role in the successful management of larger Web development projects. By applying measurement principles to measure qualities of the applications and their development processes, feedback can be obtained to help understand, control and improve products and processes. The objective of this paper is(More)
Melville and Welsh (2001, Biometrics 57, 1130-1137) consider an approach to line transect sampling using a separate calibration study to estimate the detection function g. They present a simulation study contrasting their results with poor results from a traditional estimator, labeled the "Buckland" estimator and referenced to Buckland et al. (1993,(More)
The dominant source of variance in line transect sampling is usually the encounter rate variance. Systematic survey designs are often used to reduce the true variability among different realizations of the design, but estimating the variance is difficult and estimators typically approximate the variance by treating the design as a simple random sample of(More)
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