Rachel M. Dudek

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Engineering mammalian cell-based devices that monitor and therapeutically modulate human physiology is a promising and emerging frontier in clinical synthetic biology. However, realizing this vision will require new technologies enabling engineered circuitry to sense and respond to physiologically relevant cues. No existing technology enables an engineered(More)
Density functional theory and classical molecular dynamics simulations are used to investigate the vibrational spectra of caffeine and theophylline anhydrous and monohydrate molecules and those of their crystalline anhydrous and monohydrated states, with emphasis in the terahertz region of the spectra. To better understand the influence of water in the(More)
Engineered cell-based therapies are uniquely capable of performing sophisticated therapeutic functions in vivo, and this strategy is yielding promising clinical benefits for treating cancer. In this review, we discuss key opportunities and challenges for engineering customized cellular functions using cell-based therapy for cancer as a representative case(More)
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