Rachel M. Dudek

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To investigate the "rapid-adaptation" phenomenon, we examined force, neural, and morphological adaptations in 12 subjects who performed 100 eccentric contractions with the quadriceps muscle (bout 1) and repeated the same exercise after a 2-wk hiatus (bout 2). Two days after bout 1, quadriceps muscle strength and surface electromyographic (EMG) activity(More)
Engineering mammalian cell-based devices that monitor and therapeutically modulate human physiology is a promising and emerging frontier in clinical synthetic biology. However, realizing this vision will require new technologies enabling engineered circuitry to sense and respond to physiologically relevant cues. No existing technology enables an engineered(More)
This communication examines the possibility that nitric oxide (NO) production by endothelial cells results from changes in cell membrane fluidity. Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) alters fluidity of the endothelial cell membranes causing vascular relaxation. Through membrane alterations LPC influences function of a number of membrane receptors and modulates(More)
  • A Wymysłowski, Ł Dowhań, O Wittler, R Mrossko, R Dudek
  • 2011
One of the major topics in novel microelectronics are thin film materials – especially their mechanical properties. Accurate description of such materials is necessary in order to assess their reliability and to predict failures in electronic devices. The mechanical attributes of thin films can be determined using the nanoindentation test. However, with(More)
  • Michał Brzoza-Brzezina, J Amato, L Borowski, M Christiano, R Dudek, R Harrison +4 others
  • 2002
In the recent decade, a huge amount of papers, describing monetary policy rules based on nominal interest rates, has been written. As it is, however, well known, it is in fact the real and not the nominal interest rate, that can influence spending decisions of enterprises and households and thus inflation. One way, to describe the relationship between real(More)
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