Rachel M. Campbell

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Pressure-sensitive ventilator disconnection alarms may fail to function correctly when used with discharging compliance ventilators such as the Manley Blease. The increase in gas flow on disconnection generates raised pressure owing to the resistance provided by components of the breathing system. Thirty-four anaesthetists, who were unaware of the nature of(More)
We present results from the first successful open call e-VLBI science run, observing the X-ray binary GRS 1915+105. e-VLBI science allows the rapid production of VLBI radio maps, within hours of an observation rather than weeks, facilitating a decision for follow-up observations. A total of 6 telescopes observing at 5 GHz across the European VLBI Network(More)
We present hybrid maps of the A and B images of 0957+561 from each of four sessions of 6 cm VLBI observations that span the six-year interval 1987–1993. The inner-and outer-jets are clearly detected and confirm the structures reported previously. There is no evidence of change in the separation between the core and inner-jet components, so the prospect of(More)
The BL Lacertae object S5 1803+784 has been monitored with very long baseline interferom-etry at λ = 3.6 cm in 43 epochs between 1986.21 and 1993.95. The motivation of this work is to obtain statistically meaningful data with which to study the short-term structural variability in the source on monthly timescales. We present a detailed analysis of the(More)
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