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1 would like to acknowledge the comments of the reviewers of this paper. In particular, the reviewers stated that the paper was "unnecessarily argumentative ". And... they may be right about that! I must confess that I do enjoy a good actuarial debate, and, in this case, I strongly believe that Feldblum's risk load methodology represents an unsound(More)
This panel will consider the conditions under which software engineering degree programs are being designed and implemented in the United States. The discussion will focus particularly on how these conditions are changing over time as more degree programs are implemented and general software engineering issues evolve. The panelists represent four(More)
The current era of Doctor Who, beginning in 2010, under showrunner Steven Moffat has presented a downward trend in the representation of nuanced female characters, as well as racial and sexual minorities. This essay will be analyzing the representation and presentation of the three main female companions under Moffat’s run as showrunner, as well as those(More)
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