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We present an externally encoded space-time (ST) trellis scheme using M-ary continuous phase frequency shift keying with modulation index equal to 1/M (M-CPFSK). The ST-M-CPFSK model given in R.L. Maw et al, (1998) is used. It incorporates the Rimoldi decomposition [B.E. Rimoldi, 1998] of CPFSK, and combines the ST encoder and CPFSK encoding into a single(More)
—We develop space-time trellis coded (STC) schemes using continuous-phase modulation (CPM). We employ the Ri-moldi model of CPM to create a decomposed model of STC-CPM. The decomposition separates the coding from the modulation. The space-time encoding and the inherent CPM encoding is combined into a single trellis encoder on the ring of integers modulo-p.(More)
— Cooperative relaying allows single antenna users to achieve diversity and coding gains by utilizing nearby users' transmitting capabilities. We consider a relay system employing constant envelope continuous phase frequency shift keying. Distributed space-time trellis codes are implemented with a novel multiple relay protocol.
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