Rachel L Burton

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Genetic analyses were conducted on Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko) populations collected from wheat, barley and other grasses from various countries throughout the world. These collections had been found to contain clones that differed in virulence from various cultivars, cuticular hydrocarbon profiles and life cycle characters. Discrete genetic markers(More)
Although in theory the Fourier transform method is valid only for small rejections, in practice it can be modified for the synthesis of high rejection filters with minimum transmittances as low as 10(-4). Two new spectral functions are proposed for use in the Fourier transforms. An empirical procedure which is much faster than refinement is described for(More)
In one type of association-memory paradigm, after studying pairs of the form AB, AC, participants must recall both B and C in response to A. Counterintuitively, yet often replicated, recall probabilities of B and C are typically uncorrelated ("associative independence"). This face-value independence is now understood to reflect a negative correlation due to(More)
This contribution reports an integrated chemical and physicochemical investigation of the consequences of doping the cofacially joined metallomacrocyclic polymers [M(Pc)O],, M = Si and Ge, with the nitrosonium salts NO'X-, X= BF4-, PF6-, and SbF6-. In the case of [si(Pc)o],, doped products {[si(Pc)O]X,], are obtained with a limiting stoichiometry y = 0.36(More)
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