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The Medical Management of Ectopic Pregnancy: A Meta‐analysis Comparing “Single Dose” and “Multidose” Regimens
OBJECTIVE Medical management of an unruptured ectopic pregnancy with intramuscular methotrexate is common and cost-effective. Two treatment protocols, the “single dose” and the “multidose,” have beenExpand
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Physical activity and semen quality among men attending an infertility clinic.
OBJECTIVE To examine the association between regular physical activity and semen quality. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING Couples attending one of three IVF clinics in the greater BostonExpand
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Serum progesterone concentration on day of embryo transfer in donor oocyte cycles
PurposeTo evaluate the association between serum progesterone (P) levels on the day of embryo transfer (ET) and pregnancy rates in fresh donor IVF/ICSI cycles.MethodsFresh donor cycles with day 3 ETExpand
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Clinical and Serologic Evaluation of Neonates for Congenital Syphilis: A Continuing Diagnostic Dilemma
: Neonates born to women with reactive serologic tests for syphilis were studied; the total of 116 included 18 who were symptomatic, 60 asymptomatic but possibly infected, and 38 asymptomatic andExpand
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Fertility treatment for the transgender community: a public opinion study
PurposeThe purposes of this study were to evaluate public opinion regarding fertility treatment and gamete cryopreservation for transgender individuals and identify how support varies by demographicExpand
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Embryo banking between induction and consolidation chemotherapy in women with leukemia.
OBJECTIVE To report the results of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) after long-acting GnRH agonist (GnRH-a) and chemotherapy for the purposes of embryo cryopreservation. DESIGN CaseExpand
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Does emotional support during the luteal phase decrease the stress of in vitro fertilization?
OBJECTIVE To determine if phone calls between ET and pregnancy test, decrease stress levels as determined by the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS). DESIGN Randomized controlled trial. SETTING AcademicExpand
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Multivariate analysis of the association between oocyte donor characteristics, including basal follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and age, and IVF cycle outcomes.
OBJECTIVE To determine whether oocyte donor FSH and age are independently associated IVF cycle success. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING University hospital-based IVF clinic. Expand
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Development of a Set of Lupus-Specific Ambulatory Care Sensitive, Potentially Preventable Adverse Conditions: A Delphi Consensus Study.
OBJECTIVE Individuals with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are at high risk for infections, SLE- and medication-related complications. We defined a set of SLE-specific adverse outcomes that couldExpand
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