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One hundred twenty-one knees with medial compartment osteoarthrosis were treated by unicompartmental arthroplasty with the Oxford Knee. The strict selection criteria were (1) the presence of a functioning anterior cruciate ligament, (2) fully correctable deformity, and (3) full thickness of articular cartilage in the lateral compartment. The mean elapsed(More)
Using a new, non-invasive method, we measured the patellofemoral force (PFF) in cadaver knees mounted in a rig to simulate weight-bearing. The PFF was measured from 20 degrees to 120 degrees of flexion before and after implanting three designs of knee prosthesis. Medial unicompartmental arthroplasty with a meniscal-bearing prosthesis and with retention of(More)
Ahlbäck's classification of gonarthrosis can be applied with improved precision by careful interpretation of anteroposterior varus stress and lateral radiographs of the knee. The tibial lesion in early gonarthrosis is located in the anterior and middle part of the medial plateau. In more advanced disease, when the anterior cruciate ligament is invariably(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the characteristics of repeat HIV testers with first-time testers in a National Health Service HIV testing clinic in London. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to clinic attenders between September 1995 and January 1996. The sample was stratified by gender and sexual orientation. Repeat and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the characteristics of repeat and first-time HIV testers and consider their implications for HIV test counselling. METHODS An anonymous questionnaire was completed by nearly 1500 people seeking an HIV test between September 1997 and July 1998 at a same-day HIV testing clinic in London, United Kingdom. Repeat testers were those people(More)
This is a descriptive study, which aims to report adult carriers' and their husbands/partners' experiences of carrier diagnosis and their views as to how these issues should be handled for the next generation. Following an initial pilot, 105 carriers and husbands/partners responded to a postal questionnaire. Most of the adult carriers had been tested(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of HIV infection among people attending a confidential, non-genitourinary medicine based testing clinic that provides HIV antibody test results on the day of consultation. METHODS Retrospective analysis of data collected on 2635 individuals attending the Same-Day HIV Testing Clinic at the Royal Free Hospital, London(More)
PURPOSE Analysis of urinary morbidity within the first 12 months following a modified peripheral loading technique for permanent transperineal transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) guided (125)I prostate implantation and comparison of urinary morbidity with various clinical and implant parameters. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between October 1, 1996, and March 11, 1998,(More)
Clinical nursing practice requires reliable and valid methods of measuring healing in patients with leg ulcers. By comparing the reliability and validity of four methods of measuring leg ulcer healing, digital planimetry (computerized area measurement), the Kundin Wound Gauge (volume and area measurement), the Healing Scale (measuring perceptions of(More)