Rachel J. Wilson

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NOTICE The issue of MMWR Recommendations and Reports (Vol. 43, No. RR-4) is a reprint of the Executive Summary of the Surgeon General's report entitled Preventing Tobacco Use Among Young People, released February 1994. The report is included in the MMWR series of publications so that the material may be readily accessible to the public health community.
In September 1994, CDC convened a meeting to address the public health threat associated with waterborne cryptosporidiosis. Representatives from 40 states and from regulatory and public health agencies, water utility companies, and advocacy groups discussed approaches to avoiding unnecessary boil-water advisories (i.e., statements to the public advising(More)
Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. Most daily smokers (82%) began smoking before age 18, and more than 3,000 young persons begin smoking each day. School programs designed to prevent tobacco use could become one of the most effective strategies available to reduce U.S. tobacco use. The following guidelines summarize(More)
Editor’s note: NEHA strives to provide up-to­ date and relevant information on environmen­ tal health and to build partnerships in the pro­ fession. In pursuit of these goals, we feature a column from the Environmental Health Ser­ vices Branch (EHSB) of the Centers for Dis­ ease Control and Prevention (CDC) in every issue of the Journal. In this column,(More)
This report provides interim biosafety guidelines for preventing laboratory-associated infections with agents that cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. The guidelines are based on extensive laboratory experience with the other hantaviruses--particularly work involving the use of permissive host animal species--and on the limited experience with a hantavirus(More)
These recommendations update previous CDC/American Thoracic Society (ATS) recommendations for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) among adults and children. The most notable changes are in response to the increasing prevalence of drug-resistant TB in the United States. These recommendations include the need for a) in vitro drug susceptibility testing of(More)
Although previous recommendations for preventing transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) through transplantation of human tissue and organs have markedly reduced the risk for this type of transmission, a case of HIV transmission from a screened, antibody-negative donor to several recipients raised questions about the need for additional federal(More)
Public and political concern and action focussed on the problem of drinking and driving during the 1980s was unprecedented. This paper examines the impact of these collective efforts by analyzing trends in the magnitude of the alcohol crash problem in Canada as reflected by drinking driver fatalities. After many years of little or no change in the magnitude(More)