Rachel J. Pinker

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The contact interactions between a synthetic peptide and three different anti-peptide monoclonal antibodies have been studied by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The synthetic peptide is CTP3 (residues 50-64 of the B subunit of cholera toxin) suggested as a possible epitope for synthetic vaccine against cholera. The hybridoma cell lines TE33 and TE32(More)
The influence of an amino acid on the stability of alpha-helical structure depends on the position of the residue in the helix with respect to the ends. Short alpha helices in proteins are stabilized both by H-bonding of the main-chain NH and CO groups and by capping interactions between side chains and unfulfilled peptide groups at the N and C termini.(More)
Apomyoglobin, myoglobin lacking the haem group, is a natural intermediate in biosynthesis of myoglobin, and has some structural features in common with the haem-containing native state. Unfolding or refolding studies of apomyoglobin have identified a molten globule intermediate at acid pH. We show here that both the native state of apomyoglobin and the(More)
The peptide backbones in folded native proteins contain distinctive secondary structures, alpha-helices, beta-sheets, and turns, with significant frequency. One question that arises in folding is how the stability of this secondary structure relates to that of the protein as a whole. To address this question, we substituted the alpha-helix-stabilizing(More)
Native proteins fold to form structures that contain secondary-structure regular patterns in the peptide backbone, such as alpha-helix, beta-structure, and turns with high frequency. The role of this secondary structure in stabilizing the native folded state is presently unclear. Alanine substitutions at helical sites in myoglobin show no correlation with(More)
We have carried out a series of multiple Xaa-->Ala changes at nonadjacent surface positions in the sequence of sperm whale myoglobin. Although the corresponding single substitutions do not increase the thermal stability of the protein, multiple substitutions enhance the stability of the resulting myoglobins. The effect observed is an increase in the(More)
Title of Dissertation: MAPPING PHOTOSYNTHETICALLY ACTIVE RADIATION (PAR) USING MULTIPLE REMOTE SENSING DATA Tao Zheng, Doctor of Philosophy, 2007 Dissertation directed by: Dr. Shunlin Liang, Professor Department of Geography Incident Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) is an important parameter for terrestrial ecosystem models. Presently, deriving PAR(More)
Title of Dissertation: SIMULATED DUST AEROSOL LIFECYCLE IN THE NASA GEOS-5 ATMOSPHERIC TRANSPORT MODEL AND SENSITIVITY TO SOURCE AND SINK MECHANISMS Edward Paul Nowottnick, Ph.D., 2011 Directed By: Zhanqing Li Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Understanding interactions of mineral dust aerosols with the Earth system remains a key uncertainty in(More)
A recently published paper by Roads et al (2003) describing the GCIP Water and Energy Balance Synthesis (WEBS) showed that the Variable Infiltration Capacity model (VIC) model under-simulates “observations” of net solar radiation by an average of 50 w/m in the summer months of 19961999 over the Mississippi basin. The net solar radiation “observations” used(More)