Rachel J Lucas

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Considerable controversy exists regarding the ability to predict the biologic behavior of Hurthle cell tumors. Some have found the clinicopathologic criteria used to differentiate benign from malignant lesions to be unreliable and have advocated total thyroidectomy for all Hurthle cell neoplasms. From January 1980 to December 1995, 39 patients had surgery(More)
From January 1989 to December 1993, 40 consecutive adult patients with ruptured spleen from blunt trauma were examined. Fourteen patients (35%) were taken to the operating room initially because of hemodynamic instability and generalized peritoneal signs. Twenty-six patients (65%) were hemodynamically stabilized at admission and treated by nonoperative(More)
The operative approach to primary hyperparathyroidism due to a single adenoma remains controversial. We evaluated our experience with 75 patients presenting with primary hyperparathyroidism between January 1979 and September 1988. Prior to 1985 all patients underwent bilateral exploration. During this period, ultrasonographic localization in 6 patients(More)
Unilateral neck exploration (UNE) for primary hyperparathyroidism can be done with the same excellent results as bilateral neck exploration (BNE) with decreased operative time and postoperative complications with a good preoperative localization study. One hundred six charts were reviewed retrospectively in patients operated on between May 1989 and October(More)
Anecdotal reports support the use of octreotide in the treatment of traumatic thoracic duct injuries and chylothorax, but no prospective studies have proved its efficacy. We evaluated the effects of octreotide in treating thoracic duct transection in a canine model. Eight mongrel dogs (27.8+/-5.1 kg) were fed one pint of 10.5 per cent milkfat 2 hours before(More)
Five young women were treated by splenectomy for epidermoid cysts of the spleen. They all had vague abdominal symptoms, and had a mass palpable in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen. The hematologic indices were unremarkable. The diagnosis was suggested by routine radiologic examinations (including chest roentgenogram, upper gastrointestinal x-ray(More)
Symptomatic involvement of the stomach and duodenum is an uncommon manifestation of Crohn disease. Our experience with three young women who had upper gastrointestinal tract symptoms indicates the seriousness of the condition. All three patients required operation for relief of symptoms. Two operations were performed for gastric outlet obstruction and one(More)
The risk of postsplenectomy sepsis has led to increased enthusiasm for preservation of the spleen. From January 1984 to December 1988, 51 consecutive adult patients with ruptured spleen sustained from blunt trauma were examined. Thirty-four patients (67%) had their conditions hemodynamically stabilized at the time of hospital admission and were placed on a(More)
Recent reports claim a beneficial role for SMS201-995 (SMS) in pancreatitis. To study the effects of SMS in a canine pancreatitis model, four groups of eight dogs each were subjected to laparotomy; and after cannulation of the dorsal pancreatic duct, a mixture of bile and trypsin was infused to induce pancreatitis. Group I constituted the control group and(More)