Rachel J. Lee

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Arrays of multielement ultrasound applicators for interstitial hyperthermia have been developed and tested both in vitro and in vivo. The system includes multielement applicators, a 64 channel RF driving unit, a power measuring unit, a 112 channel multisensor temperature measuring unit, and a water cooling unit. Ninety-five arrays of single-element and nine(More)
Introduction: Volcanism is the primary process in the solar system that creates the surfaces of the terrestrial planetary bodies. Volcanoes and volcanic surface units provide information about the geologic history of these bodies, which reflects the unique thermal and chemical evolution of each. Remote sensing provides an effective means to study these(More)
Current theories of reaction processes suggest that changes in electronic band structure and radiation producing dipole oscillations occur during shock loading of an energetic crystal prior to detonation. To test these theories, a broadband antenna, capable of measuring polarization, was employed to observe shock-induced electromagnetic radiation from a(More)
[1] This investigation seeks to better understand the thermal infrared (TIR) spectral characteristics of naturallyoccurring amorphous materials through laboratory synthesis and analysis of glasses. Because spectra of glass phases differ markedly from their mineral counterparts, examination of glasses is important to accurately determine the composition of(More)
A surface-mounted chirped fibre Bragg grating (CFBG) sensor has been used for the first time to monitor delamination growth within a composite material (a transparent, unidirectionally reinforced glass fibre/epoxy resin double-cantilever beam (DCB) specimen). The specimens were tested using a constant displacement rate, with the delamination length being(More)
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