Rachel J Arnold

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The teleost order Lophiiformes, commonly known as the anglerfishes, contains a diverse array of marine fishes, ranging from benthic shallow-water dwellers to highly modified deep-sea midwater species. They comprise 321 living species placed in 68 genera, 18 families and 5 suborders, but approximately half of the species diversity is occupied by deep-sea(More)
Fishes of the family Antennariidae (order Lophiiformes) are primarily shallow-water benthic forms found in nearly all tropical and subtropical oceans and seas of the world, with some taxa extending into temperate waters. Despite an earlier attempt based on morphology, no previous hypothesis of intergeneric relationships of the Antennariidae exists. To(More)
Kuiterichthys pietschi, a new species of frogfish of the teleost order Lophiiformes, family Antennariidae, subfamily Histiophryninae, is described from 20 specimens collected at depths of 60-89 m (average 73 m) off New South Wales, Aus- tralia. A member of the antennariid genus Kuiterichthys, the new species differs from its congener in escal morphology, a(More)
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