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1 Following a single oral dose of amylobarbitone sodium it has been shown that a group of young subjects convert a higher proportion of the dose to 3'-hydroxyamylobarbitone than a group of elderly subjects. 2 Twenty-four hours after the administration of the drug, the mean plasma level of amylobarbitone in the elderly group is significantly higher than in(More)
Men between the ages of 25 and 45 years attending a surgery were screened for risk of heart disease. An ;at-risk' group of 188 men were identified and 118 of them (63 per cent) accepted an invitation to attend a coronary heart disease prevention clinic at the practice. A sample of the attending group showed favourable changes in risk factors one year(More)
From general practice records of 9,763 patients, 106 problem drinkers were compared with a control group. The drinkers had a substantially higher number of problems and they consulted their doctor and attended casualty departments frequently. Social and marital problems were especially prevalent in the families of problem drinkers.