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The subjective sense of space may result in part from the combined activity of place cells in the hippocampus and grid cells in posterior cortical regions such as the entorhinal cortex and pre- and parasubiculum. In horizontal planar environments, place cells provide focal positional information, whereas grid cells supply odometric (distance measuring)(More)
BACKGROUND Progress toward meeting Millennium Development Goal 5, which aims to improve maternal and reproductive health outcomes, is behind schedule. This is despite ever increasing volumes of official development aid targeting the goal, calling into question the distribution and efficacy of aid. The 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness represented(More)
This working paper was prepared as part of a project funded by the Development Studies Association (UK and Ireland) and implemented by the International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC), the University of Bradford and World Vision UK: 'Cracking Collaboration – a new look at partnerships in international development research'. This paper is intended(More)
The landscape of donor funding for international development appears to be changing significantly. Support from official donors has come under pressure, in large part because of the global financial crisis; at the same time, new official donors are emerging. Some countries are experiencing sustained growth, leading to changes in the support that they(More)
Action Research approaches are widely used by international development NGOs, with anecdotal evidence suggesting that they are becoming increasingly popular. However, we still know remarkably little about where, how, and why international development NGOs use Action Research. Within the existing academic literature on Action Research, there is no consistent(More)
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