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As governments seek to expand access to quality health care services, policy makers in many countries are confronting the problem of informal payments to medical personnel. The aim of this study was to help health planners in Albania understand informal payments occurring in government health facilities. Researchers used in-depth interviews and focus groups(More)
Public libraries in the United States have a radical opportunity to incorporate information literacy into their service missions. This article explores the reasons why public libraries are not addressing information literacy and engages the educational theories of John Dewey, Paolo Freire, and New Literacy studies to argue that critical information literacy(More)
In this paper, we analyze the rhythmic structures of several pieces of music. We use two different types of data reduction to reduce the signals, eliminating higher frequency information. Using algorithms written for MATLAB by Sethares and Staley, we identify dominant frequencies and periodicities using the capabilities of the Discrete Fourier Transform and(More)
Autoregulation of the adenovirus E1A gene involves its constitutive expression and positively and negatively regulated transcription. Dissection of this process will identify basal-level cis elements and autoregulatory targets of the E1A promoter and functional domains within the trans-acting E1A gene products. In this report, the DNA sequence of the human(More)
Autologous stem cell transplant as primary (first ASCT) therapy in multiple myeloma (MM) is standard practice. The role of a second ASCT as management of relapsed disease remains uncertain. We conducted a retrospective case-matched control analysis on patients (n = 106) who underwent a second ASCT compared with conventional chemotherapy (CCT) as for(More)