Rachel Gibson

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While many studies have demonstrated that organic farms support greater levels of biodiversity, it is not known whether this translates into better provision of ecosystem services. Here we use a food-web approach to analyse the community structure and function at the whole-farm scale. Quantitative food webs from 10 replicate pairs of organic and(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate monitoring of changes in dietary patterns in response to food policy implementation is challenging. Metabolic profiling allows simultaneous measurement of hundreds of metabolites in urine, the concentrations of which can be affected by food intake. We hypothesised that metabolic profiles of urine samples developed under controlled(More)
Landscape management affects species interactions within a community, leading to alterations in the structure of networks. Modules are link-dense regions of the network where species interact more closely within the module than between modules of the network. Insufficient network resolution has meant that modules have proved difficult to identify, even(More)
Editorial Board Hushang Ansary, former ambassador Stephen Ansolabehere, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lance Bennett, University of Washington Timothy Cook, Louisiana State University Wolfgang Donsbach, University of Dresden Morris Fiorina, Stanford University Nik Gowing, BBC World, UK Doris Graber, University of Illinois–Chicago Michael G. Hagen,(More)
140 Characters to Victory?: Using Twitter to Predict the UK 2015 General Election Pete Burnap, Rachel Gibson, Luke Sloan, Rosalynd Southern and Matthew Williams Cardiff School of Computer Science & Informatics, Cardiff University Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research, University of Manchester Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University (More)
We examine the relationship between a candidate’s gender and their electoral success, using data from all Federal elections to the Australian House of Representatives between 1903 and 2004. Controlling for party affiliation, incumbency, expected vote share and the number of candidates on the ballot, we find that the vote share of female candidates is 0.6(More)
Transnational regimes are becoming an important factor in the organization of life around the globe. International institutions such as the World Trade Organization, the International Criminal Court and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names have taken a leading role in the governance of various fields such as global trade, humanitarian law, and the(More)
This paper seeks to more clearly define and measure the phenomenon of eparticipation, focusing specifically on the question of whether it is simply an extension of existing forms, differing only in mode, or whether it offers a new and qualitatively different form of political engagement. The analysis is timely since despite over a decades‟ worth of research(More)
OBJECTIVES Dietary intake is a key aspect of occupational health. To capture the characteristics of dietary behaviour that is affected by occupational environment that may affect disease risk, a collection of prospective multiday dietary records is required. The aims of this paper are to: (1) collect multiday dietary data in the Airwave Health Monitoring(More)