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Infants' Attention and Responsiveness to Television Increases With Prior Exposure and Parental Interaction
This study examined the relation between early television exposure and parental interaction style during infant-directed television programs on 2 outcomes: infant looking time and infant
Age, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Patterns in Early Computer Use
Parents were interviewed about the media habits of their 6-month to 6-year-old children. For children who had used computers, linear increases in computer usage occurred across this age range with a
Amount, content and context of infant media exposure: a parental questionnaire and diary analysis
Examination of the amount, content and context of television exposure across the infancy period in the USA indicates that television exposure changes rapidly across infancy and is associated with parental attitudes.
Screen Sense: Setting the Record Straight Research-Based Guidelines for Screen Use for Children Under 3 Years Old
The research is also clear about what constitutes quality early learning experiences: ones that build skills, character, and the ability to be successful in school, relationships, and life. These
Young Children’s Use of Smartphones and Tablets
Mobile device sampling is an unobtrusive and accurate method for assessing mobile device use in young children and parent-reported duration of use has low accuracy, and use of objective measures is needed in future research.
Emerging Computer Skills
The purpose of this study was to examine how 4-year-old children learn to use computers, with specific interest in what cognitive factors and parental scaffolding practices are associated with
Special issue on the content and context of early media exposure
Exposing infants to screen media is a hotly debated topic. Part of the debate stems from perceived inconsistencies in the accumulated evidence. Correlational research has provided a number of
Look At That! Video Chat and Joint Visual Attention Development Among Babies and Toddlers.
This study defines two types of screen-mediated JVA (across- and within-screen) and reports age-related increases in the babies' across-screen JVA initiations, and that family JVA usage was positively related to babies' overall attention during video calls.