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PURPOSE To test whether active and passive warm-up conducted before eccentric exercise attenuates clinical markers of muscle damage. METHODS Untrained subjects were exposed to one of five conditions: low-heat passive warm-up (N = 10), high-heat passive warm-up (N = 4), or active warm-up (N = 9), preceding eccentric exercise; eccentric exercise without(More)
A successful immune response depends on the capacity of immune cells to travel from one location in the body to another--these cells are rapid migrators, travelling at speeds of microm/minute. Their ability to penetrate into tissues and to make contacts with other cells depends chiefly on the beta2 integrin known as LFA-1. For this reason, we describe the(More)
This report is a summary of a 'Consensus Conference' on nonadherence (NA) to immunosuppressants. Its aims were: (1) to discuss the state-of-the-art on the definition, prevalence and measurement of NA, its risk factors and impact on clinical and economical outcomes and interventions and (2) to provide recommendations for future studies. A two-day meeting was(More)
Submariners taking part in prolonged missions are exposed to environmental factors that may adversely affect bone health. Among these, relatively high levels of CO(2), lack of sunlight exposure affecting vitamin D metabolism, limited physical activity, and altered dietary habits. The aims of this study were to examine the effect of a prolonged submersion(More)
The general transcription factor TFIIB plays a crucial role in the assembly of the transcriptional preinitiation complex and has also been proposed as a target of transcriptional activator proteins (reviewed in [1]). TFIIB is composed of two domains which are engaged in an intramolecular interaction that is disrupted upon interaction with the activation(More)
OBJECTIVES Motivation is identified as a key antecedent of self-regulated behaviour, such as eating fruit and vegetables. However, inaccurate measurement of this construct may lead to poor prediction of behaviour and inflate the impact of post-motivational factors, such as planning, in models of health behaviour. This study explored the properties of a(More)
Integrins are the major adhesion receptors of leukocytes and platelets. Beta1 and beta2 integrin function on leukocytes is crucial for a successful immune response and the platelet integrin alpha(IIb)beta3 initiates the process of blood clotting through binding fibrinogen. Integrins on circulating cells bind poorly to their ligands but become active after(More)
UNLABELLED Stress fracture susceptibility results from accelerated bone remodeling after onset of novel exercise and may be reflected in bone turnover changes. It is unknown if the bone turnover response to exercise is different between sexes. PURPOSE To assess disparity between sexes in bone metabolism markers during military recruit training and to(More)
Physiological systems like bone respond to many genetic and environmental factors by adjusting traits in a highly coordinated, compensatory manner to establish organ-level function. To be mechanically functional, a bone should be sufficiently stiff and strong to support physiological loads. Factors impairing this process are expected to compromise strength(More)
Having a better understanding of how complex systems like bone compensate for the natural variation in bone width to establish mechanical function will benefit efforts to identify traits contributing to fracture risk. Using a collection of pQCT images of the tibial diaphysis from 696 young adult women and men, we tested the hypothesis that bone cells cannot(More)