Rachel Epstein

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STUDY OBJECTIVES This study investigated the relationship between sleep loss and emotional reactivity in medical residents. We hypothesized that this relationship is shaped by the effect of sleep loss on cog-nitive-energy resources required for coping with goal-disruptive events or for capitalizing on new opportunities offered by goal-enhancing events. (More)
Hypersensitivity to metallic implants remains relatively unpredictable and poorly understood. We initially hypothesized that metal-induced lymphocyte proliferation responses to soluble metal challenge (ions) are mediated exclusively by early T-cell activation (not B-cells), typical of a delayed-type-hypersensitivity response. We tested this by comparing(More)
OBJECTIVE Increasing numbers of lesbian and bisexual women are choosing to have children. This qualitative study investigated the degree to which a sample of Canadian lesbian and bisexual women were satisfied with the health and social services that they received during the process of trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and during the early postpartum(More)
Melasma is a common hyperpigmentation disorder that typically affects women, though up to 10% of white individuals seeking treatment for melasma are men. Melasma can be a source of embarrassment for men because of its association with women and pregnancy. We performed a case series assessing the use of mequinol 2%/ tretinoin 0.01% topical solution in 5 men(More)
This study focuses on daily work events as proximal stimuli for discrete emotional reactions and suggests that availability of energy resources required for coping with goal-disruptive events, or for capitalizing on new opportunities offered by goal-enhancing events, influences intensity of emotional reactions. Using experience-sampling methodology with a(More)
Conventional methods for vascular access and bile collection in the rat, such as the isolated perfused liver, study under anesthesia, and animal restraint, do not allow study of a physiologically intact rat. A simple technique for vascular access and monitoring of biliary secretions in the intact, unrestrained, unanesthetized rat for extended periods of(More)
Neutrophilic dermatosis of the hands is a rare localized variant of Sweet syndrome. The following is a case report of a 68-year-old man who presented to our clinic with progressive redness, swelling, and decreased mobility of the fingers. Examination revealed symmetric, violaceous, edematous, annular plaques and nodules on the dorsal and lateral surfaces of(More)
We investigate the truth-table degrees of (co-)c.e. sets, in particular, sets of random strings. It is known that the set of random strings with respect to any universal prefix-free machine is Turing complete, but that truth-table completeness depends on the choice of universal machine. We show that for such sets of random strings, any finite set of their(More)
We examine the computably enumerable (c.e.) degrees of prime models of complete atomic decidable (CAD) theories. A structure has degree d if d is the degree of its elementary diagram. We show that if a CAD theory T has a prime model of c.e. degree c, then T has a prime model of strictly lower c.e. degree b, where, in addition, b is low (b′ = 0′). This(More)
OBJECTIVES Individuals with sleep disordered breathing (SDB) are at high risk for falling asleep while driving. The aim of this study was to identify variables that would predict SDB among healthy young applicants for a professional driver's license. METHOD A total of 301 applicants for a driver's license completed self-administered questionnaires. Sleep(More)