Rachel Engle

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A study of 395 cows in 21 herds tested the suitability of applying the normal distribution to 23 blood variables in setting reference ranges and the potential of multiple regression equations for predicting energy and nutrient intakes, milk and fat production, and reproductive variables from blood measurements. After adjustment for herd and lactational(More)
UNLABELLED Stroke among infants and children is generally considered a rare event. However, few studies have used national data to characterized pediatric stroke in the U.S. OBJECTIVE The objective of this paper was to profile pediatric stroke using national estimates. METHODS Data from the Kids' Inpatient Database (KID) was examined to estimate total(More)
One of the explanations of release from proactive inhibition in short-term memory is that the subjects re-attend to the items on the release trial because the items are different from the previous ones. It is further assumed that this increase in attention causes the relase items to be learned better than the preceding items. This experiment measured the(More)
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