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Synaptic transmission is essential for early development of the central nervous system. However, the mechanisms that regulate early synaptic transmission in the cerebral cortex are unclear. PKMζ is a kinase essential for the maintenance of LTP. We show for the first time that inhibition of PKMζ produces a profound depression of basal synaptic transmission(More)
We will meet every Tuesday from 3-5 pm for a two-hour lecture in Annenberg. In addition there will be a ten to twelve-student two-hour recitation on Thursday from 3-5 pm. Each student will write one or two short weekly papers about their best thought about the readings, and/or their homework exercise, and prepare a final portfolio. Grades will be based on(More)
Christians have engaged in economic development projects ever since the early days of the colonial period. The gap between religion and economics has only increased over time as groups from both fields are guilty of distancing themselves and their work from the categorical " other. " Such a tendency perpetuates mutual misunderstandings of the opposite(More)