Rachel E Yates

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OBJECTIVES To assess the feasibility and effectiveness of a general practice based, proactive system of asthma care in children. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial with cluster sampling by general practice. SETTING General practices in the northern region of the Australian Capital Territory. PARTICIPANTS 174 children with moderate to severe asthma who(More)
2 Forward UNICEF is committed to strengthening health systems to ensure access for all to appropriate and equitable health services. Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) necessitates addressing various barriers to access including financial obstacles, gender and other social inequalities, as well as institutional and political factors that can(More)
Over the past decade, there has been increasing global attention to mitigating the impacts of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on children's lives. Within this context, developing and tracking global child vulnerability indicators in relation to HIV and AIDS has been critical in terms of assessing need and monitoring progress. Although orphanhood and adult household(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the evolving roles of practice nurses in Australia and the impact of nurses on general practice function. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Multimethod research in two substudies: (a) a rapid appraisal based on observation, photographs of workspaces, and interviews with nurses, doctors and managers in 25 practices in Victoria and New(More)
In Australia, more nurses are entering general practice, and nurses' work is being funded in increasingly complex ways through Medicare. Little research has explored the ways doctors and nurses realign their priorities and activities when working together in general practice. We undertook rapid, intensive multimethod studies of 25 general practices to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the feasibility and performance of a routine screen for childhood asthma in new entrants to primary school relative to diagnosis by a paediatrician. DESIGN Cross-sectional study with a validation substudy. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING All 4539 new primary school entrants (mean age, 5.72 years; 95% CI, 5.71-5.74) in the Australian(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure the prevalence of respiratory symptoms and atopic disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (indigenous) and non-indigenous children in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). METHODS A two-stage questionnaire survey of children in the ACT with stage two completed for children identified by parents as having respiratory(More)
We evaluated autism spectrum disorder (ASD) characteristics and social behavior in Angelman (AS; n  =  19; mean age  = 10.35 years), Cornelia de Lange (CdLS; n  =  15; mean age  = 12.40 years), and Cri du Chat (CdCS, also known as 5 p-syndrome; n  =  19; mean age  =  8.80 years) syndromes. The proportion of individuals meeting the ASD cutoff on the Social(More)
OBJECTIVE Supplementary questionnaires provide additional information from subgroups, but may have an attritional effect on response rates. We examined the effects of different instruction methods on response rates to a two-part questionnaire. METHODS The ACT Kindergarten Health Survey comprises a health questionnaire for all school-entry children. A(More)
UNICEF and the International Children's Palliative Care Network undertook a joint analysis in three sub-Saharan countries-Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Kenya-to estimate the palliative care need among their children and to explore these countries' capacities to deliver children's palliative care (CPC). This report concerns the findings from South Africa. The(More)