Rachel E Green

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Intensification of agricultural practices over the last 50 years has resulted in the impoverishment of the wildlife associated with lowland farmland across much of Western Europe. This is perhaps best documented in birds. In England, populations of 15 species associated with lowland farmland have fallen by between 50% and 100%. Several species have become(More)
OBJECTIVE Neuropsychologic impairment is a common complication of coronary bypass surgery. Cerebral microemboli during cardiopulmonary bypass are the principal cause of cognitive deficits after coronary bypass grafting. We have previously demonstrated that the majority of cerebral emboli occur during perfusionist interventions (ie, during the injection of(More)
We report the successful treatment of three cases of traumatic ruptures of the globe complicated by massive choroidal hemorrhage, uveal prolapse and retinal detachment. All three of the eyes were aphakic prior to injury and all patients were age 64 or older. The presenting visual acuity in all patients was light perception. The blunt injury in each case(More)
This article examines the genetic predisposition of individuals to lymphoma and leukemia with regard to the ABO blood groups. Blood samples from 558 patients suffering from various forms of lymphoma and leukemia were collected and typed for ABO blood groups. The ABO blood group phenotype frequencies of lymphoma patients were similar to those in control(More)
This paper describes a patient whose amnesia for an offence (fraud) and two fugue episodes occurred against the background of an underlying organic amnesia. The fugue states conformed in their duration and precipitating factors to previous accounts in the literature. The organic, anterograde memory impairment was attributed to multiple small infarcts and a(More)