Rachel E Goldmann

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Brain potentials associated with true and false recognition were recorded using a paradigm consisting of categorized color photographs. Two ERP components were identified. A parietal component was most positive for both true and false recognition, less positive for rejection of lures, and least positive for rejection of novel items. A later frontal(More)
This review addresses language function and reorganization associated with various forms of epilepsy. Longstanding epilepsy, particularly types with onset early in life, may be associated with changes in the representation of language function in the brain. As a result of this reorganization, language function may be relatively spared despite injury to(More)
A corpus of phonological errors produced in narrative speech by a Wernicke's aphasic speaker (R.W.B.) was tested for context effects using two new methods for establishing chance baselines. A reliable anticipatory effect was found using the second method, which estimated chance from the distance between phoneme repeats in the speech sample containing the(More)
Back pain after spinal anaesthesia is often attributed to the spinal anaesthesia and the accompanying puncture. We demonstrate two cases where this problem was not caused by spinal anaesthesia but was due to sacroiliac joint blockage caused by bedding. As far as we know, this complication has not been described yet. When taken into account, it can be(More)
Pain is a well known complication of propofol injection. Many methods are described to reduce it but often empirical ways are used. In this study we attempt to determine the effects of premixing propofol with lidocaine or to preinjecting lidocaine in a hand vein in combination with using a tourniquet before we applicated propofol. Our study shows that both(More)
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