Rachel E. Cain

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Adolescent rats show immaturities in executive function and are less able than adult rats to learn reinforcement reversals and shift attentional set. These two forms of executive function rely on the functional integrity of the orbitofrontal and prelimbic cortices respectively. Drugs used to treat attention deficit disorder, such as atomoxetine, that(More)
PURPOSE This preliminary investigation of the use of voice recognition software by people with aphasia presents a new method of training the software, which allows the aphasic user to by-pass the linguistically demanding standard training. It examines how accurately voice recognition software performed with aphasic speech and language as compared to that of(More)
This preliminary investigation assessed preservice elementary teacher's attitudes toward homosexual parents and their children. The study populations included 195 college students enrolled in an elementary school health methods course at a large northeastern university. A 51-item " and Lesbian Parenting Questionnaire" was used for data collection purposes.(More)
OBJECTIVE Examine if outcomes and complication rates for free flaps vary when postoperative aspirin is used as pharmacologic thromboprophylaxis compared with no anticoagulation. STUDY DESIGN Case series with chart review. Setting Oregon Health and Science University, an academic medical center. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A case series with chart review was(More)
Intimate partner violence (IPV) can be any form of physical, psychological, economic, verbal, or sexual abuse by current and former spouses and dating partners. Each year in the United States, IPV affects approximately 1.5 million women, including as many as 324,000 pregnant women.1 IPV during pregnancy can lead to unintended pregnancy, smoking, depression,(More)
pregnant women are at InCreaSed rISk for morbIdIty and mortality from influenza infection, likely due to the physiologic changes associated with pregnancy. Preventing influenza during pregnancy is an essential component of prenatal care, and vaccination is the most effective strategy. Vaccinating pregnant women for influenza can protect both the women and(More)