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OBJECTIVE Valid teamwork assessment is imperative to determine physician competency and optimize patient outcomes. We systematically reviewed published instruments assessing teamwork in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education in general internal medicine and all medical subspecialties. DATA SOURCES We searched MEDLINE, MEDLINE(More)
BACKGROUND Milestone-based assessments of resident physicians inform critical decisions regarding resident competence and advancement. Thus, it is essential that milestone evaluations are based upon strong validity evidence and that consistent evaluation criteria are used across residency programs. A common approach to assessment of interprofessional(More)
Urticaria is a common disorder characterised by well-demarcated and intensely pruritic erythematous skin swellings. Common triggers include infection, allergic reactions or medications. While often idiopathic, the presence of urticaria can be associated with underlying systemic disease. We report a case of a patient who presented with diffuse and refractory(More)
Little is known about the degree to which caregiver training as part of routine clinical care influences caregiver self-efficacy. The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between training during routine clinical cancer care and self-efficacy among caregivers of colorectal cancer patients. Caregivers completed a self-administered(More)
In the modern age of advanced surgical techniques and pharmacologic management, bacterial spinal infections (SIs) can be managed (either eradicated or suppressed) in many hosts. However, the optimal management of SIs may be limited by patient comorbidities, which do not allow for surgical management, or limited by antimicrobial options due to side effects,(More)
While dementia caregivers are regarded as a population with high unmet needs, there is little consensus as to how caregivers' needs should be conceptualized and measured. This article describes how dementia caregivers' needs are currently assessed in the scientific literature with the goal of suggesting guidelines for the enhancement of future measurement(More)
BACKGROUND The Choosing Wisely campaign has called for better engagement of palliative and hospice care services for patients in the emergency department (ED). PREDICT is a clinical prediction tool that was derived in an Australian ED cohort. It assesses a patient's risk of mortality at 1 year to select those who would benefit from advanced care planning.(More)
Of those individuals diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, 85% will survive and may be affected by residual effects of their cancer and its therapy (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, stem cell transplantation). Hodgkin lymphoma survivors are at risk of developing secondary malignancies, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, thyroid disease, infertility,(More)
Although disabilities are prevalent, many medical professionals lack knowledge about them. Many haven't been trained to care for patients who have them and have negative attitudes about disabilities and those who have them. Their attitudes can affect health care and patient outcomes. Despite recommendations by U.S. surgeons general to include disability(More)