Rachel Cowgill

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Peritoneal encapsulation and abdominal cocoon are rare entities, with only 7 and 13 cases, respectively, having so far been reported. A case of each of these conditions is emphasized. Peritoneal encapsulation is probably a development abnormality, largely asymptomatic, and found incidentally at laparotomy or autopsy. The accessory membrane present in front(More)
Global methane emissions from the fossil fuel industries have been poorly quantified and, in many cases, emissions are not well-known even at the country level. Historically, methane emissions from the U.S. gas industry have been based on sparse data, incorrect assumptions, or both. As a result, the estimate of the contribution these emissions make to the(More)
The transformative promise of the digital humanities is not without problems. This paper looks at digital archive curation using a database of 19th-century London concerts as a case study. We examine some of the barriers faced in its development, related to expertise, volume and complexity, the gap between cost and benefit, and the desire for an(More)
Spreadsheets are ubiquitous, familiar, often overlooked, and embody vast financial and human investment, not least in their user interface. This paper shows how spreadsheets can be used as an integral part of interactive processes, for activities from simple data entry, to more complex grouping and linking of datasets, both as fully functional prototypes(More)