Rachel Coleman

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Clinical, hematologic, and immunologic findings were reviewed in 21 patients with glycogenosis Ib. Fifteen of the patients suffered from moderate to severe bacterial infections. Ten patients had excessive epistaxis or bleeding from surgical sites, and eight suffered oral and anal mucosal ulceration. Sixteen of 21 patients exhibited chronic neutropenia(More)
The bone scan findings of 160 consecutive cases of breast cancer metastatic to bone presenting to Guy's Hospital between 1982-1987 were retrospectively assessed for number and distribution of lesions. Twenty-one percent of patients relapsed with a solitary bone metastasis. The spine was the commonest site for both solitary (52% of cases) and multiple (87%)(More)
We studied the performance of 34 as yet undiagnosed individuals known to be at risk of Huntington disease (HD), on a maximum-effort oral-motor task. Results were compared with those from a normal control group matched for age and sex. The at-risk-of-HD population was significantly slower overall than the normal group on all 5 of the oral-motor tasks. This(More)
BACKGROUND Malignant ovarian germ cell tumours (GCT) are rare tumours with clinical and histological heterogeneity. Risk adapted treatment of these tumours is advocated. METHODS We reviewed patients with malignant ovarian GCT managed by a single specialist during 1991-2009 at our institution. Clinicopathological features that may predict behaviour of the(More)