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Strombidium rassoulzadegani: A Model Species for Chloroplast Retention in Oligotrich Ciliates
Strombidium rassoulzadegani is a planktonic ciliate that retains chloroplasts from its food and uses them to obtain a nutritional supplement from photosynthesis. Unlike most members of theExpand
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Assessing behavioural and social responses to an eco-mooring trial for Zostera marina conservation management in Torbay, Southwest England
Seagrass beds are critically important habitats delivering a range of ecosystem service benefits that support human wellbeing. They are, however, declining globally at an unprecedented rate. TheExpand
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Effects of dredging disturbance on seagrass coverage, sediment composition and infaunal assemblages within a SW England Zostera marina bed
A previously surveyed Zostera marina (L.) bed in South West England was mapped using SCUBA in September- October 2011 to assess changes in bed extent, environmental and faunal characteristicsExpand
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