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BACKGROUND Arabidopsis thaliana is the model species of current plant genomic research with a genome size of 125 Mb and approximately 28,000 genes. The function of half of these genes is currently unknown. The purpose of this study is to infer gene function in Arabidopsis using machine-learning algorithms applied to large-scale gene expression data sets,(More)
The fruition of a life of engagement and reflection, James Gustave Speth's latest book, The Bridge at the Edge of the World, is a passionate and incisive call for the environmental movement to deepen its critique and enlarge its politics. A leading environmentalist since the 1960s, Speth's perspective has evolved with the changing times, his worldview(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES There is ongoing growth of elderly populations with ESRD in Western Europe and North America. In our center, we offer an alternative care pathway of 'maximum conservative management' (MCM) to patients who elect not to start dialysis, often because of a heavy burden of comorbid illness and advanced age. The objective of our study(More)
On behalf of Governor Rendell, I am pleased to introduce to policy makers in government and the electric power industry this report on critical electric power issues that exist in Pennsylvania. The power industry in the Commonwealth is the second leading generator of electric power in the nation, and Pennsylvania is home to abundant indigenous fuel sources(More)
1. Introduction Technological innovations and industrial activities provide positive benefits to society and the economy, but can also result in negative societal and environmental impacts. Social reformers of the early industrial revolution, notably economist Thomas Malthus (1766-1834), warned of the need to consider societal impacts of new technologies.(More)