Rachel Boyd

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In a survey of 505 rural Zimbabweans, iron overload was found almost exclusively among men who consumed traditional beer brewed in steel drums. Among drinkers aged over 45 years, 23 of 111 men (21%) had high serum ferritin and a transferrin saturation of over 70%, a combination that indicates a risk of liver disease and other pathological effects from(More)
The role of parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) in fetal calcium homeostasis and placental calcium transport was examined in mice homozygous for the deletion of the PTHrP gene (PTHrP-/- null; NL) compared to PTHrP+/+ (wild-type; WT) and PTHrP+/- (heterozygous; HZ) littermates. Fetal blood ionized calcium was significantly reduced in NL fetuses(More)
Single mature intermediate villi from term placentas after normal gestation and vaginal or cesarian delivery were identified microscopically and mounted in a bath for conventional micro-electrode studies. With the application of strict selection criteria, the following observations on electrical potential difference (PD) were made. 1) With the tissue bathed(More)
The microvillous membrane (MVM) potential (Em) of first trimester human placental villi was measured and compared with that in villi from term human placentas. The median Em in first trimester villi (-28 mV) was significantly more negative than that at term (-21 mV; P < 0.001). The median Em measured in villi from early (weeks 6-11) first trimester (-32 mV)(More)
This study examined the effect of hyposmotic solutions on the syncytiotrophoblast microvillous membrane potential (Em) in mature intermediate villi isolated from term human placentas. When villi were exposed to a control solution (280 mosmol/kgH2O; 116 mM NaCl) and then to either a 138-hyposmotic (138 mosmol/kgH2O; 37 mM NaCl) or 170-hyposmotic (170(More)
Pigs from four sire lines were allocated to a series of low energy (LE, 3.15 to 3.21 Mcal ME/kg) corn-soybean meal-based diets with 16% wheat midds or high energy diets (HE, 3.41 to 3.45 Mcal ME/kg) with 4.5 to 4.95% choice white grease. All diets contained 6% DDGS. The HE and LE diets of each of the four phases were formulated to have equal lysine:Mcal ME(More)
Visual working memory (VWM) is a construct hypothesized to store a small amount of accurate perceptual information that can be brought to bear on a task. Much research concerns the construct's capacity and the precision of the information stored. Two prominent theories of VWM representation have emerged: slot-based and continuous-resource mechanisms. Prior(More)
Dietary lipid supplementation benefits the prolific and high-producing modern lactating sow. A comprehensive review of recent studies showed that lipid supplementation increases average daily energy intake, which is partitioned for lactation as indicated by greater milk fat output and improved litter growth rate. Recent compelling findings showed that(More)
Recent studies suggest that cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) mitigates the brain's atrophy typically associated with aging, via a variety of beneficial mechanisms. One could argue that if CRF is generally counteracting the negative effects of aging, the same regions that display the greatest age-related volumetric loss should also show the largest beneficial(More)
We observe that the Taylor-Frank method for making kin selection models when fitness w is a nonlinear function of a continuous actor's phenotype y and the average phenotype z in its social environment requires w(y, z) to be differentiable (as a function of two variables, i.e., jointly in y and z). This means that even if w(y, z) is non-linear globally,(More)