Rachel Ben-Haroush Schyr

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Gastrulation marks the onset of germ layer formation from undifferentiated precursor cells maintained by a network including the Pou5f1 gene, Oct3/4. Negative regulation of the undifferentiated state is a prerequisite for germ layer formation and subsequent development. A novel cross-regulatory network was characterized including the Pou5f1 and Cdx1 genes(More)
NK cells rapidly kill tumor cells, virus infected cells and even self cells. This is mediated via killer receptors, among which NKp46 (NCR1 in mice) is prominent. We have recently demonstrated that in type 1 diabetes (T1D) NK cells accumulate in the diseased pancreas and that they manifest a hyporesponsive phenotype. In addition, we found that NKp46(More)
The Hox genes pattern the anterior-posterior axis in developing embryos through tightly regulated, partially overlapping, temporal and spatial expression domains. Initial regulation of Hox expression is important to establish these overlapping transcription domains. The Cdx homeodomain factors have been proposed as Hox regulators, but their precise role and(More)
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