Rachel Baxter

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A "scimitar" shadow was found on routine chest roentgenography in an asymptomatic patient. Evaluation with cine magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated an anomalous pulmonary vein draining into the inferior vena cava below the diaphragm. The diagnosis of scimitar syndrome was confirmed and successfully repaired at operation. Cine magnetic resonance imaging(More)
The consumption of polyunsaturated fat of a group of patients with malignant melanoma was compared to that of various groups of control subjects to determine whether such dietary fats predispose to the development of malignant melanoma. The results are tabulated with reference to various associated factors, and a statistical assessment of their significance(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate general practitioners' (GPs') examination and referral practices for diabetic retinopathy. METHODS A questionnaire survey of a random stratified sample of 500 Victorian GPs. RESULTS The response rate was 88%. 53% of GPs examined none or less than half of their patients with diabetes for diabetic retinopathy. Those who did(More)
Earlier studies with the random-bred Quackenbush mouse strain showed that human-type diets based on linoleic acid-enriched foodstuffs derived from ruminants fed protected polyunsaturated oils have no detrimental effects on growth, reproduction or longevity. Tumour incidence and time of onset of tumour development have now been studied in the inbred,(More)
The effects on the well-being of mice of feeding linoleic acid-enriched foodstuffs derived from ruminants receiving protected polyunsaturated oil were determined. Growth, reproductive productivity and longevity were compared in mice fed freeze-dried human diets containing either these products or the corresponding conventional ruminant-derived foods. A(More)
Five trials were conducted to evaluate the effects of the presence of horns on cattle on carcase bruising. In each trial there were three groups of cattle, hornless, horned and mixed (some with hrons and some without). The weight of bruised tissue trimmed from the carcases of the cattle in the horned groups was significantly greater than that trimmed from(More)