Rachel Bartels

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Twelve female age-group swimmers and twelve female controls, aged ten to sixteen, performed a pre-training discontinuous maximal cycle ergometer test to determine the capacities of their anaerobic (alactacid and lactacid) and aerobic energy systems. Heart rate and oxygen uptake were determined during rest, exercise, and recovery. Blood samples were(More)
Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers in the US may start a new duty cycle after taking a 34-h restart break. A restart break provides an opportunity for sleep recuperation to help prevent the build-up of fatigue across duty cycles. However, the effectiveness of a restart break may depend on its timing, and on how many nighttime opportunities for sleep it(More)
Linear time invariant system analysis represents the educational core of the contemporary electrical engineer. While many of the analytical tools that are employed to perform linear analysis, i.e., mean, standard deviation, Fourier transforms, and the like, establish reliable and effective measures of prediction with regard to linear signals, biological(More)
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