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Executive Summary During the 2002 drought in Colorado, municipalities relied on a variety of drought response strategies to temporarily and signifi cantly curtail water use. Faced with declining water supplies, municipalities in Colorado primarily used outdoor watering restrictions to decrease demand during the 2002 drought. The rather sudden reduction in(More)
Acknowledgements The authors gratefully acknowledge the fi nancial support provided by the Colorado USDA-NRCS to research the current information in the scientifi c literature on water saving options for irrigators and to prepare this document. Technical editing and suggestions provided were critical in the preparation of this document and are gratefully(More)
The fundamental basis of T1 and T2 contrast in brain MRI is not well understood; recent literature contains conflicting views on the nature of relaxation in white matter (WM). We investigated the effects of inversion pulse bandwidth on measurements of T1 and T2 in WM. Hybrid inversion-recovery/Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill experiments with broad or narrow(More)
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