Rachel Bacon

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Received for publication, October 19, 1949. lowing: (a) 20-mg. pellets of diethylstilbestrol,1 im planted subcutaneously on the 49th or the 68th day of life, with the animals killed 90, 120, 150, 170, 180, 217, 240, 270 or 300 days later; (6) the same, except the pellets contained diethylstilbes trol and cholesterol in a ratio of 1:4 and were im planted on(More)
BACKGROUND In Australia, the Federal government's agenda to increase clinical training places to address the forecast shortfall of nurses is driving innovation in clinical education. A student leadership model of clinical education, named the Student Nurse Led Ward model, was designed for the aged care context to provide a high number of clinical placements(More)
Surface membranes of the blood cells located within the maternal blood sinuses of the rat placenta contain reaction products of nucleoside phosphatases. Fetal blood cells separated from maternal blood by the placental labyrinth show no activity during normal or prolonged gestation. Neonatal blood cells examined 34 hours after parturition show these enzyme(More)