Rachel Alpert

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The subject of sexuality among elderly patients with dementia was examined, focusing on two main aspects: the sexual behaviour of institutionalized elderly people with dementia; and the reactions of other patients, staff and family members to this behaviour. The behaviour was found to be mostly heterosexual and ranged from love and caring to romance and(More)
Although resistance to care can have a major impact on the provision of care, relatively limited research has been reported on the topic. This research examined differences in the use of interventions by nurses in different care settings to manage resistance to care with eating and dressing. A convenience sample of 50 nurses (34 working in psychiatric(More)
The aim of the study was to examine changes in patient behavior that occurred as a consequence of looking in a mirror. How do dementia patients relate to their image in the mirror? Is the use of the mirror effective in raising levels of self-awareness, calmness and satisfaction? The survey was carried out on 100 patients suffering from dementia: 67 women(More)
The purpose of this article is to examine the caregiver's feelings of anger, the causes of these feelings as described by the caregivers and their reactions. Twenty female caregivers of Alzheimer's disease patients participated in a support group at a psychogeriatric centre for 3 years. The group was directed by a registered nurse and a social worker.(More)
This announcement outlines a reformulation of W. Gustin's combinatorial theory of current graphs [3] and J. W. T. Youngs' extension of that theory to vortex graphs [8] into the topological context of covering spaces and branched covering spaces. Whereas certain restrictions imposed by Gustin and Youngs were convenient in obtaining minimal imbeddings of(More)
An accurate anterior guidance is critical for optimal esthetics, phonetics, comfort, function, stress minimization, and longevity of teeth and restorations. This article describes a method for recording and transferring the anterior guidance information developed on provisional restorations. Felt tip pens were used to mark the static centric relation(More)