Rachel A. Walker

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Vibrational sum frequency spectroscopy has been used in conjunction with dynamic surface tension measurements to study formation of a 1,2-dilauroyl-sn-phosphatidylcholine (DLPC) monolayer at a water – carbon tetrachloride interface. Surface tension measurements show that an aqueous solution of liquid crystalline phosphocholine vesicles (4.5 �M DLPC)(More)
Work from our laboratory on vibrational sum frequency spectroscopic investigations of molecular ordering at the carbon tetrachloride-water interface is reviewed. Simple charged surfactants adsorbed at the liquid-liquid interface are seen to induce alignment of interfacial water molecules to a degree which is dependent on the induced surface potential.(More)
Magnesian limestone is a key construction component of many historic buildings that is under constant attack from environmental pollutants notably by oxides of sulfur via acid rain, particulate matter sulfate and gaseous SO(2) emissions. Hydrophobic surface coatings offer a potential route to protect existing stonework in cultural heritage sites, however,(More)
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