Rachel A. Harrington

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Elevation gradients allow scientists to observe changes in fauna over a range of abiotic conditions. A variety of trends in aquatic insect diversity patterns across elevation have been reported. However, many of these studies are confounded because they include streams at lower elevations, which are often larger in size and more polluted than their(More)
This literature review provides an overview of what computer-based technologies are used in the teaching of pronunciation of English to speakers of other languages, the specific pronunciation goals of those technologies, and the effectiveness of such technologies. Teachers of pronunciation to English language learners need assistance in selection of(More)
This is a case report of a patient who presented to the hospital's ambulatory radiology suites for a barium enema to evaluate guaiac-positive stools. The patient, after receiving glucagon 0.5 mg iv and a small amount of rectally administered barium sulfate, experienced an "itchy tingling" feeling, vomited, became diaphoretic, and had a cardiopulmonary(More)
1. Relatively high b-diversity among aquatic insect communities inhabiting high-elevation streams is most commonly presumed to result from increased dispersal limitation between isolated mountaintop ‘islands’. However, these elevational patterns of b-diversity have been predominately drawn from observed changes in community composition along single-thread(More)
IMPORTANCE Despite their increasingly important role in health care delivery, little is known about the availability, and characteristics, of community pharmacies in the United States. OBJECTIVES (1) To examine trends in the availability of community pharmacies and pharmacy characteristics (24-hour, drive-up, home delivery, e-prescribing, and multilingual(More)
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